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Joshua Alexander – Human Enigma and Sword SwAllower



I’m Joshua Alexander (said in my best “I’m Batman” voice), and voiceovers have rocked my world and changed my life.

Without going too much in-depth here, suffice it to say that I want this website to be about how you get properly started in voiceovers, as opposed to being about me.

However, briefly…

I run the Global Voiceover Artists Network on Facebook. I’m an active blogger and maintain The Voices In My Head Blog. I’m the author of “The Super Voiceover Artist Book Trilogy” and “Running a Successful Voiceover Business”, both at I have produced several online voiceover video training courses available at  And I’m an industry-vetted VO business coach with tons of satisfied clients at

I am a middle-age guy who’s been doing voiceovers off and on since 1993, and full time since 2007. I finally made the jump to doing voiceovers as a service unto itself in 2016. Up until that point I had been (and still am) a successful multimedia businessman who ran five different companies from the comfort of his home. Now, it sometimes takes money to make money, and so my situation is a bit unique, as I had money going into voiceovers. Before I ever launched out into doing them full time (I was only offering them as an add-on to existing corporate videography for so many years until then), I had already generated over a million dollars in revenue from my multimedia production company. Therefore, my situation is not tremendously representative of the overwhelming majority of those seeking to enter into voiceovers. In many ways, I am an anomaly.  But an anomaly who started out just like all of you did and are.

I’ve been very successful in multimedia and voiceovers, and that success is what motivates me to write. It is what enables me to do so. I blog prolifically, and my writings can be found in LinkedIn articles, on, on Tumblr, on Facebook, and wherever else they’re floating around the ether of the Interwebs. Voiceovers are my heart’s desire (that and Bottle Caps candy – oh yeah, oops: and my wife and kids too) and, as such, it was my heart’s desire to write more about them. I love blogging and writing: it’s my goal to be the Dave Barry of voiceover bloggers and authors, offering good quality satire and lightening the load through edutainment.

I’ve been a telemarketer, a Dairy Queen clerk, an office manager, an administrative assistant, an audio editor, a dispatcher, a Christian singer & speaker, a Jack in the Box worker, a paperboy, a corporate and wedding videographer, a service manager, a paperboy again, a voice talent, an artist, a poet, a business owner, a blogger, a graphic and web designer, and a dancer. I dropped dancing many years and many pounds ago when it became painfully obvious that I was about as graceful as a drunken lumbering Brachiosaurus traversing a field of marbles. I humbly acknowledge that God has given me some indisputable gifts. (Dancing is not one of them. Using mental telepathy on stoplights is.) I am deeply grateful and operate out of a profound sense of gratitude every day because of my gifts. You’ll hear that as a constant and driven refrain throughout my book. I’ve had a lot of experience in a lot of areas since entering the workforce in 1988. I’ve worked at probably thirty different jobs. None of them will remember me, because I was the guy who wanted to be somewhere else. Who was bound to be somewhere else. Who actually was somewhere else sometimes, and that’s why I was politely asked never to return.

As of 2023:

  • I’ve generated over $2 million dollars in overall business since 2003, and over a million and a quarter dollars in voiceover income since 2016.
  • In July of 2019, I made finally more money in voiceovers n a month than in all other media production pursuits combined! I made $15,387.07, and all with no overhead.
  • In my highest revenue month ever, I brought in $41k in actual voiceover income.
  • In one week alone I reeled in thirty-four different voiceover jobs, coming from agents, direct jobs, repeat customers, P2P (‘pay to play’) jobs, and pickups. Thirty-four in a single week!

 I’m repped by 6 different agents, and I have a large repeat clientele base that keeps work flowing in.  I market like a beast every day, and get to connect with lots of potential clients on a weekly basis.

All of this gets me very, very excited. It’s insane! Sometimes I wake up laughing. I’m very excited about my future forecast, and being able to eat lobster for dinner every night, on voiceover money. In fact, the only thing that remains is to record voiceovers while eating lobster, at which point I will surely die from ecstasy.

I am passionate about life, and I am passionate about voiceovers. In essence, THEY ARE WHAT I WAS MADE TO DO.  They’ve nothing short of rescued me from being trapped in a career I loathed. I was performing wedding videography, which is the same as floating in a pot of boiling acid and being forced to listen to Michael Bolton on a punishing loop. Voiceovers have also saved me from the 9-to-5 doldrums and ratcheted up my confidence and drive to succeed. I live, sleep, eat, drink, and breathe voiceovers.

Please email me if I can help you on your VO journey.

A time to tear,
and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence,
and a time to speak.

Ecclesiastes 3:7 ESV